7 Aug

5 Reason Why Your Garage Door Might Not Work

5 reasons why your garage door might not work

There can be many reasons why your garage door might not work. It opens or closes by itself or it just doesn’t open at all. It may seem like a simple door, but they are complex on the inside. Here are the top 5 reasons why your garage door might not work, so you can troubleshoot the problems yourself.

  1. Batteries

It may sound like common sense, but it can be easy to forget that the little remote you use isn’t working because the batteries are dead. The transmitter on the wall also takes batteries. Usually they are installed at the same time, so if one dies, the other is close behind.

  1. Photo Eye

The photo eyes are on each side of the garage door. They are used for safety so the garage door doesn’t smash into anything when it is coming down. There is an invisible beam that connects between the two eyes. If that beam is not aligned between the photo eyes or it is dirty, then the garage door will not close. So check to see if they are aligned and clean.

  1. Alignment of Track

The door runs along a metal track that is along the wall. If the rail bends or there are gaps between the rollers, they have to get fixed immediately. This causes the operation of the door to be dangerous from the compound weight of the door.

  1. Door Won’t Open

The springs do all the heavy lifting of the garage door, not the transmitter. They are very heavy, despite their appearance. If one of the two torsion springs is broken then the garage door opened might not be able to lift all the heavy weight. This is a problem for a technician because handling a heavy garage door can be dangerous.

  1. Only Closes Part Way

If you want to close your door but it only goes down part way and then goes back up again then something might be blocking the sensors. Garage doors have a safety feature that makes it so it won’t crush things. There might be objects in the way like a trash can, lawn tools, or debris in the way to stop it from closing all the way. Clean out any objects that are directly under or near the door closing patch and check the tracks for any dirt or debris.