2 Nov

Damaged Garage Door Cable?

damaged garage door cable

A garage door can be dangerous if it is damaged because of how heavy it weighs. A garage door cable can be snapped or damaged by different reasons. Here are some of the reasons how the cable of the garage door can get damaged and what happens to the garage door once the cable snaps or is damaged.

Here are reasons the garage door cable can get damaged.

Loose Springs

When the springs of the garage door or improperly installed or they are loose, this can damage the cable. This is from the spring not being able to handle the tension of the garage door when it is open. This will cause the cables to jump from the pulleys causing damage or snap. With the loose springs and damaged cable, the garage door the will close unevenly or even become stuck without moving. This will also damage the rollers.

Weather Strip

Having a damaged weather strip can also be a reason you may be a damaged garage door cable. If the weather strip is worn down, damaged, or installed properly this will cause rain to seep through the door which can damage the cables. This corrosion of cables will cause them to eventually snap.


The garage door cable is essentially a metal rope. The rope is made out of small metal wires that are braided together. If the pulley is not working properly and has damage on the walls of the wheel it can snap the cable from the friction. Even a minor crack in the pulley can affect the cable. When the garage door opens and closes, there is a certain tension from the weight on the garage door and the parts used to move it. It is vital that all the parts are in working condition.

As you can see if one item breaks on a garage door, other parts are soon to follow in its place. The cables carry the weight of the garage door. If the cables are not working, then there is nothing to hold the weight of the garage door. Damage to the cables can create other damage to parts and damage to parts like springs can cause damage to the garage door cable. They are all connected and work together to open and close a garage door.