21 Sep

Different Option for Garage Door Openers

types of garage door openers


Garage door openers are an important factor in garage doors. There are different types of garage door openers just as like there are different types of garage doors. Having an automated garage door opener allows the user customization. There are three different options available for garage door opener and it is largely decided by personal preference. They each have their own advantages and disadvantages. The selections are screw, chain, and belt drives.

Screw Drive


A screw drive garage door opener is used with a trolley. They offer a mechanical approach and ride on a threaded-steel rod and rotate with the motor which makes the door move. Screw drive openers require fewer parts to work which people like because of the simplicity.

The disadvantages that can follow having a screw drive garage door opener are temperature changes. They are not considered ideal in locations with drastic season changes. They also make more noise than the others as well as more expensive.

Belt Drive


Belt drive garage door openers are on the fancier side of garage door openers. They make a small amount of noise and are very sleek.. Since a belt is being used instead of a chain, the noise will be greatly reduced along with vibrations.. Some of the belts are made out of fiberglass, steel-enforced rubber, or polyurethane.

The disadvantages are slim. The only main one is the cost. Because they are popular and sturdy, they can be high in sales.

Chain Drive


Chain drive garage door openers are the oldest and the most common. The drive is pushed up the trolley by a bicycle-like chain and is connected to a J-Arm. These are popular for detached garages and not garages near bedrooms or offices. They are also known to be the most economical option

The disadvantages, unlike the belt are the noise. Chains tend to be louder and that is why it is great for detached garages. This can also be an advantage and work as an alarm system. People like to hear if their garage door is opening or closing when they are not in eyesight.