24 Sep

Energy Efficient Garage

tips for a more energy efficient garage

Having an energy efficient household can help save you money and the environment. If there is something that only gives you benefits, why wouldn’t everyone is doing it? Out of date garage doors can be very energy inefficient. It is always good to go around your house to update with better household items. Here are some ideas on how to have a more energy efficient garage.

Solar Panels

If you use your garage space for recreation or a workshop it can get chilly in the winters. Installing solar panels can keep the garage warm when there is no heater in the garage. This will help avoid electricity also.


Insulation kits and insulated doors can be bought at the store. Insulation in the garage will keep air coming in from the outside and the room will not be as stuffy.

The garage walls can be insulated by rolling the right R-value between blowing or joists through small holes. Filling the drywall can keep the warmth in and the cold air out during the winter and fall.


There are plenty of energy efficient light bulbs that can be purchased. CFL or LED can be replaced from the normal bulbs and will use less electricity.

Replace the outlets with foam gaskets. This will seal the hatches and prevent air and carbon monoxide from entering.


Like light bulbs, windows can be energy efficient now. Energy Star certified windows are available for purchase and can be installed to replace the old windows.


The door that connects the house from the garage sometimes has a crack at the bottom. This will create leaks into the house from the garage. A weather stripping seal can be used to help seal the bottom of the door.

Having cracks in the floor of the garage can allow gas and air to come into the garage. This cracks can be easily sealed and help prevent the heated air from escaping.