10 Sep

FAQ—Answers From a Garage Door Expert

FAQ of garage doors

Having a garage door apart of your house can be extremely convenient as an extra door. It is a large complicated door and if you don’t know much about how a garage door operates it can be tricky to troubleshoot for problems or try to prevent them from happening and extend the life of them. The best way to learn about garage doors and how they work is from experts them themselves. The garage door technicians from GarageMD will answer frequently asked questions to help users have a better understanding on garage doors and garage door repairs.


What garage door repairs can I do myself to a garage door?

There are some repairs that can be done easily and others that are dangerous and should be left to the experts. Things that can be easily repaired or replaced are the photo eye sensors, garage door remote, and garage door rollers. One thing that is recommended not to repair on your own is door spring. The torsion springs are under tension and if someone is not trained with repairing them, they can get injured. The weight of the garage door is heavy and no one wants that on top of them.

Why won’t my garage door go all the way down?

There can be several reasons why a garage door will not go down all the way.

  1. The photo eye sensors are dirty and need to be cleaned.
  2. The batteries in the garage door are dead.
  3. The photo eye sensors are out of alignment.
  4. There is something in the way of the door closing, like debris or other items.

Can I add a new garage door opener without buying a new system?

Garage door openers can be purchased at the hardware store and programmed with your garage door without having to hire a technician. Make sure the garage door opener you are purchasing is universal or with the same brand as your garage door. They come with instructions to be programmed and videos online for easy guidance.

Will my garage door be protected during a heavy storm?

Most garages recently made within the decade are built more efficiently to withstand heavy wind and rain. If you have an older garage door it will not be as sturdy and will want to look into buying a new garage door if there are strong storms to be predicted in your states future. There are also weather strips that can be purchased and attached to the bottom on the garage door to prevent rain and debris from entering into the garage.

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