30 Sep

Finding the Right Garage Door

finding the right garage door to compliment your house

A house can be freshly painted and the lawn can be recently mowed and all the weeds pulled, but if the garage door is not kept up, than it can ruin the whole image of the house. The garage door is a big space, especially if it is a double garage and will take up a good portion of the front of the house. There are many different types of garage doors and styles that are available. Here are some residential garage door styles to help compliment the beauty of your home.



Wood doors give an elegant and type of traditional and old fashioned appeal. A wood door can still be painted or stained to match the colors of the house. Most wood will be hand crafted and have an authentic design.

Stainless Steel

Having a stainless steel style door will give a modern look to your house. It has an edgy look and right now it is the most basic type of garage door on the market. Stainless steel are good for environments with more harsh weather. They are sturdy and strong and can last against strong wind and rain and keep your house safer.



Traditional style garage doors can be very stylish. They are made out of steel or natural wood and can have decorative windows built in them. The panels can come in different styles whether they are long or short.


Contemporary style garage doors will compliment modern style houses. There are more options of material for contemporary styles. They can be made out of aluminum and glass or steel and wood.

Choosing the Right One

There are many different options of garage door that are available to compliment your home. The first thing you should research it the safety of the garage door. If you live in an area with lots of rain storms or extreme cold or heat, you should choose a door that is built for those specific conditions. There are also garage doors with high security features. A high security door should be put into the decision if will make you can your family more comfortable with their house’s safety.