6 Aug

Five Garage Door Maintenances You Should Be Doing

garage door maintenence

The garage door is something that we use all the time but don’t really think about keeping it maintenance. But in reality, you should be regularly maintaining it, like a car. This will prevent problems arising in the near future.

Here are five garage door maintenances you should be doing regularly to your garage door.


Garage doors can get rusty from being used all the time and getting dirty. Lubricant is a wonderful product to use to stop the loud noises that occur when your garage door moves. It is important to not over lubricate. You can buy lubricate at the hardware store or even use motor oil, but do not use WD-40. The things you should lube are

  • The spring
  • Torsion tube bearings
  • Panel hinges
  • Rollers


This is one of the most important. With periodic inspection you can see if something is going to need repair in the near future and can fix it before it gets worse. This can be done once a year and with a professional garage door technician. Here is the following you should check:

  • Hinges that are loose
  • Damage to springs
  • Damage to rollers
  • Deterioration to door panels

Doing this annual maintenance inspection will prolong the life of your garage and end up helping you save money in the long run.


Garage doors get dirty just like everything else. About once a month you should clean things on the garage door like the rails, spring, and garage door opener drive. Also any excess debris or lubricant with a clean rag.


Metal garage door should have enamel and be checked to see if there are any chips or scratches in it. Repainting the door will make the door look better and protect it from outside elements. Washing it once a month will help keep up its appearance also.


Things get loose when the door is opening and closing every day. Here are some things that should be checked if need to be tightened:

  • Loose panels
  • Garage door opener attached to the wall hanger
  • Hardware for rails and their hangers

Not doing these five garage door maintenances when you have a garage door can lead to costly mistakes and extra visits from the technicians. If you have any problems that cannot be fixed by yourself GarageMD is always available for any of your garage repairing needs.