4 Aug

Garage DIY

DIY garage ideas

Garage is a year round storage that has all the items from seasons that are not in use, like decorations and maybe winter clothes. Organizing takes planning and determination, especially if it’s going to be for a wide open space like a garage. There are many different types of garage DIY projects for organizing garage to maximize space and storage.

Cleaning Products

Buying in bulk is the best way to save money. That means you have a lot of extra things that are not going to be used for some time. Having a section for extra cleaning supplies in the garage is a great place to put them. One like this, Seville Classics 5-Shelf, 14-Inch by 30-Inch by 60-Inch Shelving System will be easy to purchase and put together.

Use one layer on the shelf for cleaning supplies. Baskets or bins with lids will work to keep out the dust. They do not have to be see-through, because you can always add labels that will help with the organizing. Here are drawers that are already built in a shelf is you do not want to buy a separate shelf. Advantus 10-drawer rolling Organizer.

Yard Supplies

Do you have brooms and a rack and mop just sitting in a pile in the corner? There are several options available to make your yard work tools look organized. You can buy a rack that will hang from the wall like this one, Space Maker Dadotool or if you can’t hook things on your wall or chose not you, you can purchase a standing rack like this one, Rubbermaid 5E28 Deluxe Tool Tower Rack with Casters. That can hold up to 40 tools!


If you have bikes, golf clubs, and other things just taking up space because you have nowhere else to put them, then put them on the wall. You can install racks that can be for bikes, helmets and any other things that are in the way. This Allen Sports Wall Mount is easily screwed in the wall and can hold two bikes or anything else that will fit.

Pool Supplies

Noodles, balls, rafts, and tubs can also be hung up or put on the shelf that has been installed for cleaning supplies. But if you just don’t have any more room, the ceiling is also an optional place for storage. Overhead is not commonly used because most people don’t thing to put bins overhead. But it is a create place for storage because it is up and out of eye sight. You can use this Crawford OH2 Stor-A-Way Adjustable Overhead Storage System that can be used to store things hanging from the ceiling like the pool toys or other seasonal decorations. Or if you are feeling craftier, here is a website that teaches you how to build your own overhead storage. Familyhandyman.com

These are all affordable and simple garage DIY projects that will utilize your storage and space in your garage for more organization and this will also help to keep it clean.