30 Oct

Garage Door Grease

how to prevent garage door grease

When you have a garage door it is always recommended to keep it maintained to retain the longevity of life. This maintenance may require you to lubricate the garage door every so often. That sounds easy enough but if you don’t use the lubricant properly, it could end up hurting instead of helping.

Knowing the proper maintenance is important when you are doing it to something as big as a garage door. It is a heavy and big part of the house, especially the front of the house. Before you do any maintenance, you should research what should and shouldn’t do.

how to prevent garage door grease

How to Prevent Garage Door Grease

If you are lubricating your garage too much, it can create access grease and do more harm than good.

To help with grease build up on the garage door area you should use a light lube spray. The light lube spray should be used on the hinges and rollers of the garage door.

The light lube spray can be purchased at the hardware store. They have formulated sprays that are designed for the garage door and to prevent garage door grease. It is also a good idea to purchase low temperature grease for the opener rail.

When to Lubricate

With the light lubricant spray, the garage door springs, rollers, hinges, and tracks should be sprayed from three to four times a year. If you use the lubricant spray more than four times, it will cause garage door grease to build up which will be annoying to clean.

The temperature grease should be used on the roller once a year. The application can be very messy and will stain within contact. But that will help the door from squeaking when opening and closing.

If you notice that your garage door needs more lubricant maintenance throughout the year, than that indicates that it has to be tuned up. Schedule a maintenance check with GarageMD for a maintenance tune up to help prevent garage door grease. 561-FIX-DOOR