9 Mar

Garage Door Lubricant Guide

Garage door lubricant spray

Garage door lubricant is one of the most important products/accessories that Garage MD sells. It is key to properly maintaining your garage door, keeping it in good condition and running smoothly. It is also the #1 solution for an overly noisy garage door that squeaks and screeches. All garage door tracks, rollers, hinges, and springs should be lubricated on a regular basis, and at least once a year as part of an annual tuneup. But how are laypeople supposed to know anything about garage door lubricants? Here is your guide!

What NOT to Use

  • WD-40: Most people believe that they can use WD-40 to lubricate their garage. It is one of the most common household cleaners and has a variety of other uses…however, it is not a garage door lubricant per se. WD-40’s active ingredient is an oil that prevents rust. Oil can of course provide some lubrication, but this is only secondary to cleaning, which is WD-40’s primary function.
  • Grease: Those who are especially mechanic-inclined will likely turn to grease, as it is used to work on cars and already available on-hand in their garage. However, the high viscosity of grease makes it a magnet for trapping everything from bugs to dirt, which is deleterious to a smoothly functioning garage door.
  • Oil: Unlike WD-40 and grease, oil can be an effective lubricant for your garage door. Nevertheless, it is not recommended because it is quite messy. Those who work with oil are likely to have “junk” clothes that they don’t mind getting messy, but applying it to the tracks and rollers of your garage door will make spills and messes unavoidable.

Which Garage Door Lubricant?

For the purposes of safety and convenience, we recommend the following guidelines when purchasing lubricant:

  • Aerosol, which is less messy and more precise
  • Long-lasting so you do not have to reapply frequently
  • Odorless, as the smell of some commercial lubricants can be quite unbearable
  • Non-toxic

Given the aforementioned recommendations, we suggest trying GetSome Multi-Purpose Lubricating Spray, which is designed to be non-toxic, non-staining and environment-friendly. Buy direct or call Garage MD to order now!