4 Aug

Garage Door Opener Adjustments

how to adjust your garage door opener

Garage door openers can be annoying when they are not working properly. Do you ever have to point at and keep clicking at it until you get in range? If you only get one of two feet distance with your garage door opener, then you should consider trouble shooting for problems.

There are two ways one might go about extending the range of the garage door remote so you can open the door while staying in your car. One is an easy way, but if that doesn’t work as pleased, the second option may require you to buy an installation kit. Here are instructions on how to fix range problems on the garage door transmitter:

1. Straighten the antennae wire

Using a ladder, locate the antennae in the area of the garage door opener. They may be holding down by tabs that cover that back of the unit. Remove the cover and expose the antenna connection. Make sure the wire is straight. If it can be extended, make the wire longer by stripping the end of the wire off and twisting it.

Also replace the controller’s batteries. If those things don’t work, don’t worry there are still more options.

2. Relocating the antennae wire

There are antenna extension kits that can be bought to extend the range of the garage door remote. They can be bought at electrical stores or online.

Detach the antenna wire and rewire it along the garage ceiling. You can also wire it along the ceiling of the garage door. You can fasten the wire every foot for security using a hammer and insulate wire staples.

“Attach the long stem of the provided antenna bracket at the ceiling or underside of a joist with the provided screws. Screw the end of the antenna wire into one side of the provided connection coupler at the bracket. Screw the base of the provided antenna into the opposite end of the coupler.”

This extension kit should add more range to your remote door remote letting you open the door when you are in your car.