11 Aug

Garage Door Photo Eye Troubleshoot

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A photo eye is the invisible sensor the runs on either side of your garage door. It will stop the door from closing if something is in the way. It can be annoying for adults who are trying to close the garage door but it keeps going back up again, then you have to go and find out what is causing a disruption in the photo eye sensor. That would tend to make one agitated. But it is there for a good reason. It would stop the garage door from closing if there is an animal or child in the way and this would prevent anyone from getting hurt. No matter how annoying it can get, it is there for safety reasons.


The door works by sending a beam across the opening of the garage under the door. If something breaks the beam while the garage door in going down, then it sends a signal for the door to go back up.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, there are almost 20,000 injuries that are related to the garage door. A garage door can be deadly without a working garage door photo eye, which is why it is important to keep up maintenance on the photo eye, so it can continue to function properly.


If the garage door does not go up or down when you use it, or it doesn’t stop going down when something is actually in the garage doors way then it could be the garage door remote. Check if the batteries need to be replaced. If the batteries are still good, then it could be the remote itself. Replace the garage door opener by following the instructions of the new one or you could hire a technician if you are not tech savvy.

If it is not the remote, then the photo eye lenses could be dirty or not in alignment. This problem will not make the garage door go down at all. This is an easier problem to fix then replacing the remote.


The photo eyes are close to the ground so dirt can easily get swept up and into them, causing them not to work properly. You will need a mild cleaner and a clean cloth. The photo eye is similar to a camera lens, so use care when cleaning the lens. If it gets scratched, it will not work properly. All you have to do is simply wipe the photo eyes with the clean cloth and cleaner.


There is one photo eye on each side of the door. If they do not align, the garage door will not close all the way. You can check to see if they are properly aligned by measuring the height for each one. You should also use a level to make sure they are pointing straight across.


When you have measured, aligned, and cleaned the garage door photo eye it is time to test them. Use the remote or wall transmitter to close the door. If it closes all the way, then the photo eye problem is fixed. Next you should put something in the way of the garage door to see if the photo eyes are working properly. If the door reverses before it hits the object, then your photo eye troubleshoot has been a success.

You can always call GarageMD for all your garage door needs if you want to leave the troubleshooting to a professional.