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Garage MD is your one stop shop for all your garage door needs in Delray Beach, Boca Raton and South Florida. Our 20 years of experience in garage door repair means not only superior service and expertise. It also gives us a wealth of knowledge on the products and services that will have your garage door running smoothly and efficiently. Call (561) FIX-DOOR and get your garage door running in tip-top shape with some of our incredible products:

Liftmaster iPhone openeriPhone Compatible Garage Door Opener

Call us today for the Smartphone/iPhone-compatible LifterMaster app, the latest in garage door opener technology! For only $99.00 installation, we will convert your existing opener with the LiftMaster gateway. No need to worry about losing or replacing your old garage door opener! With the LiftMaster, your opener is literally in the palm of your hands!


We guarantee to quiet any door with our sealed, maintenance-free, high cycle nylon rollers. Garage door rollers have come a long way since the metal roller skate wheels from the 70s. The old metal wheels that clatter and ping under the pressure of your 300+ pound garage door are now obsolete…and potentially hazardous!

Replace your rollers now to prevent damage to your door and your personal property. Installation is only $99 and is guaranteed to quiet your door or your money back! Call us for a free inspection if your door is louder than normal!!

Hurricane CodeĀ Garage Doors

Garage MD is a proud provider of DAB hurricane-ready garage door systems, starting at only $950 for a 9X7 door. DAB Doors are produced in Miami under the strict regulations of the Miami-Dade County Hurricane Code. Local manufacturing means no shipping fees and quick (usually 2-3 week) delivery. Because the garage door is the largest opening in the average home, a non hurricane approved door is usually the “weak link” when the wind starts blowing. Don’t wait until the wind starts blowing, invest in your safety this Hurricane Season!

All doors include new rails, nylon rollers, tortion tubes, springs, cables, and installation per county hurricane codes. Most importantly, we take care of all your permits. Permits are required by Florida State Law and can take 5-10 days, depending on municipality code. BEWARE OF COMPANIES who offer to save you money by NOT pulling a permit! Not only will you likely get a substandard job, but that permit will be the first piece of paper requested by your insurance company when your roof blows away!

Garage MD guarantees a thorough and quality installation. With a transferrable Lifetime Guarantee on the state of the art finish, this will be the last door you will ever buy!

Bottom Gasket SealGasket seal ready for installation

Bottom gasket seals are an important, though commonly overlooked, component of any garage door. Garage surfaces made of concrete are never even, which will leave gaps between your garage door and the floor. Having a gasket seal will fill in these gaps and make the floor level with the bottom of your garage door. This will weatherproof your garage, protecting it from rain, wind, debris, etc. It will also keep insects out while keeping air temperature in with superior insulation. There’s no better way to not only preserve your garage door, but also save on your energy bill!

Garage Door Lubricating Spray

GetSome Lubricating Spray is developed, designed and engineered to exceed industry standards for multi-purpose garage door lubricants.
Our exclusive formula guarantees to be:

  • Long lasting!
  • Non-static!
  • Non-toxic!
  • Non-staining!
  • Non-conductive!
  • Non-halogenic
  • Non-carcinogenic
  • Low VOC!
  • No CFCs!
  • No residual petroleum odor!
  • Will not dry out, gum up or turn gooey!
  • Safe on plastics, metals, points, enamels, fiberglass!

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