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When it comes to garage door repair services, one of the most frequent problems people encounter is garage door spring repair. When you need garage door spring repair in Delray Beach or South Florida, your springs should be serviced by skilled professionals for efficiency and safety purposes.

That’s why we urge you to call Garage MD at (561) FIX-DOOR! With Garage MD replacing or repairing your springs, you can feel confident that our experts will get the job done right.

Garage door springs are the core component of any garage door system. Their sole purpose is to lift hundred of pounds whenever you open or close your garage door. They can last for years, but even the most durable springs will wear down. When this happens, the door loses its balance and no garage door opener will be able to open it. In fact, broken garage door springs can break garage door openers, which are costly to replace or repair.

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New Spring — Only $99 Installed!

You can save yourself both the money and the hassle by calling (561) FIX-DOOR for garage door spring replacement. We offer garage door spring repair, replacement, & installation for only $99.99! Our specialists will provide quick and effective repairs on both your extension springs or torsion springs. The torsion type is mounted above your garage door and the extension types on each side of the door. Both are responsible for carrying the weight of your garage doors.

New Garage Door SpringsOnly Garage MD guarantees unmatched quality, price and a dedication to customer service for garage door spring replacement in Delray Beach, FL. We guarantee our work and stand behind the service we provide. We not only have the experience and technical expertise to handle garage door spring repair in Delray Beach with care and precision. We are also so dedicated to your satisfaction that we offer 24/7 emergency service, even on nights and weekends! With no extra charges, all you have to do is ask: Why pay more to fix your door? Call (561) FIX-DOOR today!