12 Oct

Garage Fire Proofing

tips for fire proofing and damage reducing in garage

If you are a home owner, waking up to the smell of smoke in the middle of the night could be a worst fear for you. A fire occurring in your home is a terrible thing to happen. If the fire happened in the garage, it could be even worse if a car was in there. It is important to have fire prevention in your garage to help protect your car, house, and garage from damages to a fire. Here are tips for fire prevention and reducing damage in a garage.


Three things that create and fuel a fire are heat, fuel, oxygen. If those three things are together, a deadly fire can be created, so you have to prevent those things from connecting to reduce fire risk. A way to do this is storing items safely.

  • Do not use grills, outdoor fryers, and other cooking appliances in the garage.
  • Gasoline-powered too should be completely cooled before storing in the garage.
  • Combustibles should be stored away from heat
  • Grass from lawnmowers and line trimmers should be completely removed.
  • Store flammables like wood, gasoline, spray paint or thinner in a metal cabinet with door.


Safety equipment is important and required to have in buildings. The minimum equipment to have to protect against a fire is a fire extinguisher. A smoke detector is also something you should have in your garage. It will go off if there is any smoke in the garage. You will be able to hear it in the house even if you are not near the garage. The city you live in might other codes you have to adhere to. You can always call or go online to find out.

Safe Workshop

  • When cutting or sanding wood, sweep the wood chips and sawdust immediately when finished.
  • Throw away rags that are oily in a steel bucket with closed lid. Or you can hang them on a line to be dried and used again.
  • Paint cans and containers should be completely sealed and stored away from flammables.

To prevent any fires and reduce the damage in the unfortunate event of a fire you should have the right safety and equipment. You should store flammable objects in metal containers and have the right fire prevention equipment like a smoke detector and fire extinguisher.