11 Sep

Gift Ideas for a Garage Guy

gifts ideas for a garage guy

The holidays are just around the corner and birthdays are occurring all year round. Some people are born handy men and they spend their free time in the garage tinkering with tools instead of in front of the television or computer. If their birthday is coming up or the holidays or you just want to get them a gift for being them, you should get them something that they can use and appreciate. Here is a list of gifts to give the garage guy in your life.


When they are not hanging around in their garage, take a peek at the tools that he/she has. Take note on the tools he does or doesn’t have and the ones that look old and rusty. If you see any that are old or missing, you can get them a new one. If you see that they have every tool, there are still gift options.

A multi-tool is a great gift idea for handy people. Check out the Leatherman Wingman Multi-Tool. It has screwdrivers, pliers, wire cutters, bottle/can opener, and much more.

If they already have all those tools, try a tool case. If the gift receiver is a mobile person, this product, TRINITY 3-in-1 Stainless Steel Suitcase Toolbox, will hold all the tools they need in a portable case that is shaped like a suitcase.


Handy men can be convenient when things need to be fixed, but that doesn’t mean they are organized also. If they need a little organization in their life, here are some examples on organization gifts.

Wall Organizers

Pegboards are perfect to hang up tools and be able to see all of them without digging around in a box. Another option is this Wall Control that has magnets and shelves built in.

Equipment Storage/Bike Racks

If the person is also the active type, there are storage designed for sports equipment. Bike racks can also be used for different uses other than hanging up bikes.

Comfortable Chair

If the handy work is tedious, it might get uncomfortable sitting in the same position while hinged over working on a tedious task. A comfortable chair can make all the difference when working on a project for a long time. Here is a good garage chair with comfort and quality, and has good reviews, Boss Stool.