11 Aug

Going Garage Green

how to make your garage more green

Over 200 of the world’s landfills are already filled. If you get the opportunity to reduce the amount of trash produced in the world, you should take advantage. There are also lots of things that have other uses instead of throwing them out.

A garage is a place most use for storage or parking their garage in. Here are some tips on making your garage green.

Storage Supplies

For those who use the garage as storage, instead of going out and buying boxes and bins to store things in, there are other options… You can use storage with things you already own.

If you create art of have an office, you can keep your supplies such as paint brushes, markers, and scissors in old jars. You can also use jars to organize things such as your nails, screws, and other small items.


A way to organize your supplies but still see everything is a pegboard. It is a board that hangs on the wall and there are pegs coming out to hang things on. You can hang up an array of materials from hammers, screw drivers, and wrenches. If you want to be very organized, you can outline the tools that hang so you know if something is missing. A pegboard can easily be made. All you need is a big piece of cork board and nails. You can hammer the nails in rows, or however way you feel.

If you have broken things lying around that you don’t use, don’t throw them out, make something out of them. A metal bow rake that does not have a handle can still be in use. If you hang it up on the wall, you can use it to hang garden tools, or anything else you need to organize.

Used Items

Metal garbage cans can be used for storage of bags of soil or fertilizer. Holes have to be cut at the bottom so the soil can still breathe. They can also be used to make your own compost.

Do you have old tires lying around? Did you know they can be used as mulch? Rubber mulch is more expensive because it can last for up to ten years. The mulch is heavier and it does not fade. You can also make gardening hoses out of old tires.

Everyone plays a part in protecting the earth. If everyone puts in effort to help minimize the amount of trash produced, the earth will be a lot healthier and our supplies such as water will last longer.