17 Aug

Hackers Opening Garage Doors

how hackers can open garage doors

Most of us use remotes attached to our key chain to unlock the car door, or a remote to open the garage door. We let the electronics do most of the work now. But with man-made technology comes problems. What if the remotes you use to open door could be hacked by someone else?

What is it?

There is a new device that will be on the market soon that sells for $32. It is being introduced at Defcon of this year. The way it works is when someone uses their car remote to unlock the door the device interferes and saves the transmission. The hackers now have the key for unlocking your door. The same for the garage door remote. This has been tested on many different models of cars from Toyota, Ford, and Chrysler.

Is it dangerous?

“Oh, I have no question this will work,” said Steve Beaty, a cybersecurity expert with MSU Denver. “I don’t think people should be scared. For one there is going to be a concerted effort in the industry to make this go away.” Steve says different technology has probably been used for a while, but now a device will be sold on the market.

This device could lead to more break-ins in your car and home for obtaining the code to these car remotes and garage doors.

Is there a solution?

A microchip has been invented that erases the codes after a few seconds they have been received on the device. The chip is already available but is not installed by a lot of manufacturers because of the cost. But some newer models of cars do have it already installed.

The reason this device is being released is so it can be researched and find more solutions. The code source being revealed is not for thieves but to create awareness. There will always be new security risks with technology advancing and society becoming more dependent on it. They will just have to research more of the technology to prevent it from its own destruction.