26 Oct

How Insulation in Garage Works

Insulation in your garage may not be at the top of your to-do list but it does have the power to make a difference in your garage, especially during the winter. When you purchase a home, it comes with the typical build of a garage door. The builders do not usually spend extra money on putting in special features into the garage.

Insulation is easy to install and makes a big difference in your garage. The process is simple and will improve the look of the garage as well as the temperature during the colder seasons. The temperature will be a drastic change, but the noise of the garage door will decrease if polystyrene insulation is used


If you decided to follow through the process of adding insulation to your garage door there a couple different options for you to choose from when installing it. The first option is to purchase an insulation kit from Home Depot or Lowe’s. These kits are priced around $57 for a single car garage (8×7). A two car garage will need two kits.

The second option is to hire a service company. The cost to hire a service company for a two car garage cost around $300. The professional job will look a lot nicer than the store bought, but it is also a lot more expensive.

The Process

The tools that are required if you are doing the insulation yourself are a razor knife, tape measure, a square, and pair of snips.

The kit comes with sheets that measure 20 in. W x 54 in. L x 1-1/4 in. D

The sheets have to be measured out to fit the voids in the door. Not all will be the same size. When the insulation is cut, it can be popped in the door.

garage door insulation

Image from Cowtown Garage Door Blog

The pieces should be a little larger so they can fit in tight. It is better to cut more than less in size, because you can always trim, if you go to big.

The improvement to your garage should take no longer than an hour. It will look better on the inside and keep the heat inside if it is cold or the cold inside if it is hot outside.

garage door insulation

Image from Cowtown Garage Door Blog