14 Aug

Garage Door Won’t Close All the Way?

reasons why your garage door won't close all the way

When you close your garage door is there still an opening at the bottom? It is supposed to close all the way but wind and even animals or insects can still get in. There is a way to fix this problem. There are different strategies to troubleshoot your door not closing.

Door Travel

There is a weather strip attached to the bottom on the garage door. When the garage door closes the weather strip should go in contact with the ground. There are adjustment knobs in the opener that can be tweaked on how far it opens. One control is for how far the door closes, and the other is for how far the door opens. But if it is adjusted too far it can blow the track.


There can be two problems when it comes to sensors. One is the safety sensors need to be adjusted. There is one on each side of the door. They have lights and they should be on to indicate they are working. If the light is off or blinking then they can be moved or adjusted so that they are fully lit up again.


If there is a grinding sound when the garage door operates but the door does not move then that is an indication that the indie gear is worn. This can be replaced by yourself, just remember to release the emergency latch and then disconnect the power before replacing it. You can refer to your manual to find the right part and replace it yourself.


If all these recommended tips are in check then the last thing to check is the alignment of the side tracks. One could be slanted causing the door to not slide down them. At the track and side of the door there sound be a ½ – ¾ inch of clearance.

Some other recommended tips are to keep clutter and dirt away from the door. When it closes, items could interfere with the sensors, causing the garage door to not close and reverse up.