2 Oct

How to Replace a Garage Door Panel

how to change a garage door panel

A damaged panel in the garage door can ruin the whole look of the garage and house itself. Instead of buying a whole new garage door, the individual panel can be replaced. Each garage door is created by a different manufacturer and each manufacturer makes their panels for the garage doors fit differently. So, if you decide to replace the individual panel instead of the whole garage door, you have to buy the panel from the manufacturer that the garage door is from. Once you have purchased the panel from the manufacturer, here is how to replace the garage door panel.


  • 2 vice grips
  • impact drill w/ 7/16″ or 3/8″ nut drivers
  • come-a-long (to spread the door panels apart)


The electricity of the garage door has to be turned off for safety. This can be done by unplugging the door opener or flipping the power switch of the garage. The garage door should be kept down.

After the power gets turned off, the springs have to be removed. The springs being removed from the garage door will release the tensions off of the door.

Removing the Panel

The door panels are all attached to each other and the guide track. When a panel has to get detached, it has to be detached from the surrounding panels and the guide track. If the panel is at the bottom, the top panel has to be removed first to take the one at the bottom out. It can be removed by unscrewing the hinges.

New Panel

To install the new panel, the instructions are the reverse of taking out the damaged panel. The new panel and be slid into the empty slot and the hinges have to be attached with the rollers on each side. If the panel was on the bottom, the top panel that was taken out has to be put back into place and screwed in.

After the panels are in place, the spring has to be reattached by opening the garage door.

The panel might not be the exact color so you might have to re-paint or re-finish the garage door. A garage door gets dirty due to outside weather so the panel might look a lot cleaner than the others. It can be matched by cleaning the door or waiting for that panel to match in wear.