4 Sep

Maintaining Life Expectancy of a Garage Door

how to maintain the life expectancy of your garage door

A garage door may have a specific life expectancy, but in the end, it all depends on the circumstances and the setting. Each manufacturer makes their garage door slightly different and in result each garage door has different qualities and life expediencies.


The factors that decide how long your garage door lasts are how proper it is maintained and how often it is used. The average rate a garage door can vary between 20-30 years. That is a long time and a decade is a long gape. It all depends on how you treat your garage door, with the exceptions if natural disasters.

Getting the Most Out of a Garage Door

If you ask any garage technician how you can extend the life of your garage, they will all say routine maintenance. Once a month is the average amount of time one should take to do things such as lubrication and tightening nuts and bolts. A garage door is a machine and piece of technology. Just like cars and computers, garage doors require maintenance.

Staying on the car comparison when a car gets dirty, you wash it. That also applies to a garage door. It is outside and faces all the environmental factors such as dirt, wind, and animal life can affect the outside of a garage door. It can be clean with soap and water from a hose.

It is important to also listen to your garage door. If it is making usual noises, like loud squeaks, that probably means something needs to be checked on.

Throughout time parts can become loose and/or get rusty. During routine checks if you notice any of these instances, it is best to replace the rusty parts and tighten any of the loose parts. This will definitely prevent any future damage.

GarageMD will help with any of your garage door problems. They can assist with routine checks and replace or repair damages parts to help sustain the life of your garage door.