5 Oct

Maintenance for Wooden Garage Doors

wooden garage door maintenance

Garage doors come in different types of materials. Wood doors can be the most beautiful material because they can be carved into designs and stained different colors. Because it is made from wood, the maintenance of this material of garage door is the highest. Yearly maintenance is required for wood garage doors to keep the life and beauty sustained. Here is a list of things that has to be done to wood garage doors.

Pest Control

There are pests like terminates that eat wood and may be a problem for a wooden garage door. Other insects that eat wood are boring beetles, slugs, and snails. It is recommended to look for pests that could be eating the garage door regularly. You should check if there are small tunnels made out of mud or anything living alongside any rotten wood. If you find any, you should do your best to identify the insect and call pest control to prevent any more damage to the door.


Along with pests, there are bacteria and fungus that like to eat away wood. This can happen to the spots on the door that remains the moistest, like the bottom or trim work. A way to test is to prod the areas with a screwdriver. If the screwdriver goes through the wood then there is rot. If you are not familiar with reciprocating saws then this repair should be handled by a professional technician.


You should check the seals with the maintenance check so there will be no water damage or temperature fluctuations in the future. This can be done by having the wooden garage door closed and looking around it. Look to see if there is light shining through the seals or they look worn out. If the seals look work out, they can be removed and taken to a hardware store to find the correct replacement. If there is no weather seal at the bottom, one should be added as soon as possible.

New Coat of Finish

To keep the door looking fresh a new coat of finish should be applied yearly, whether it is painted, water sealed, or polyurethane. This should be last after all the other maintenances are complete. A new coat of finish every year will keep up the appearance and life of the wooden garage door. If there are windows on the door they should be taped when applying the coat to help with the cleanup.