20 Jul

New Type of Garage Door Opener

new garage door opener

Garage door openers are basic and simple—you push the button and the door opens or closes. Trying to program them to work is a different story, but all in all they are simple to use. With technology rapidly advancing it is no wonder there would be a new product that can also open your garage door.

Amazon has come out with a new product that is voice activated and will do many different things, including open your garage door. This product is like Siri from apple but it is in your home and it is always listening. It is called The Echo and it sells on Amazon for $179.99. Along with opening your garage door it has many other features…
• Weather
• News
• Traffic
• Music Player
• Creates Shopping Lists
• Audio Books
• Sports
• Turn on Lights

It is designed around the owner’s voice and has far-fetched voice recognition. This is a hands-free device that stays at the home. It is connected to the cloud so it is always learning and gaining more experience every time it is used.

The Echo has a name, similar to what the IPhone calls Siri. Alexa is the name of the brain behind The Echo. Saying the name activated the device for you to talk to it. You can ask things like, “How is the local traffic?” or “Add eggs to my grocery list.” It also has amazing 360 degree immersive sound speakers with dynamic bass response.

It can do house things for you without you having to lift a finger. Besides the garage door opening or closing you can dim the lights, turn on the fan, or the space heater all with just the sound of your voice. They do have to be installed with Starter Kits that involve easy set up directions. It can also be managed from an app on your mobile device when you are not home.