30 Sep

Preparing Your Garage for Winter

how to prepare your garage for the winter

The season of fall has started and winter is just around the corner. Florida is not known for its cold weather but there are occasional cold fronts. There are ways to insulate your garage to keep the warm temperature inside and not let any of the cold in. Here are some different methods to help prepare your garage and garage door for the upcoming winter.

Unit Heater

When the weather is at its coldest, it is always a good idea to have a heater installed beforehand. A unit heater creates heat without taking up a lot of space. There are also easy to install and you do not need to spend money on hiring a professional. When choosing a unit heater, there are two choices. There are electric and gas heater choices.

Gas fired heater units will be less expensive to run. Although they are less expensive, they are more difficult to install. This is because when installing, a gas supply and exhaust vent are required. If you live in mild winters, like Florida, an electric heater is a better option. They are a little bit more to operate, but you will only need them on occasion.

If you want an energy efficient heating device, a mini-split heat pump is also another option. This provides year round heating and cooling. The installation only requires a three inch hole through an exterior wall.


Insulation is used to keep the warm air in and the cold air out during those extreme cold days. When installing insulation on the garage walls, you have to do some research first. The proper thickness and size has to be chosen when buying insulation.

The insulation has to be properly secure when installing it. It has to have a snug fir and cannot be too long or short. There are kits available to purchase to help with the installation. The different kinds of insulation one can purchase are reflective barriers, foam boards, and fiberglass batt. When apply insulation to garage doors, the insulation has to be cut to fit each panel.

Doors are now built with insulation so if you have an older design door and want to upgrade, there are different options available for garage doors. Every bit helps when keeping the cold out of the garage. For questions call GarageMD 561-Fix-Door