22 Oct

Pros and Cons of Aluminum Garage Door

aluminum garage door benefit and disadvantages

There are different types of garage door available to choose from. Having an aluminum door is one of the options. There are different types of benefits when it comes to having a garage door and the maintenance that comes with it. Here is everything you need to know about aluminum garage doors.


An aluminum door has similar benefits to the steel garage door in that is requires little maintenance. But unlike the steel door, it is light weight. Because it is light, it is easy to install. Lightweight means less stress on the torsion springs. That means they will not wear out as fast.

It will not rust so it is ideal in environments with different types of weather. It is popular near coastal areas also from the ocean and salt water. Since it does not rust, there is less maintenance required when keeping the door clean.

It can be recycled which means it is unfriendly for the environment.

Aluminum may sound not stylish, but it can be painted and created with a stylish texture. There different styles available and they can also be embossed.


Because the material is aluminum, it can be easily dented. If you are in an area that is at a high risk for getting dents in your garage door, you should consider a different type of garage door material. If you live in an area that gets frequent rain storms, aluminum is not a good material. Debris or hail can dent the material and make it unstable.

There can be limitations with an aluminum garage door, such as availability. If you want a high-end custom door, may manufacturers will only have garage doors made out of wood instead of aluminum.

Aluminum Garage Door

A garage door made out of aluminum will be ideal for houses near the coast and also for storage garages. It is light weight and can be designed for certain looks.