9 Oct

Purchasing New Torsion Springs

a guide to replacing torsion springs

Torsion springs are an essential factor in the workings of a garage door. If a garage door torsion spring breaks, it can prevent the door from opening and closing. If your torsion spring happens to be broke, here is a guide on how to go about fixing it.


Replacing a torsion spring is extremely dangerous and many people end up in the emergency room from trying to replace them.

You should hire a professional garage door technician to complete this task for your safety.

The Basics

Even when you are hiring a profession to replace the torsion spring, it is a good idea to know the basics.


When you are shopping for a new spring, you should look for the amount of rated cycles. Garage springs are rated in cycles, which is a single opening and closing action. The more a garage door is used the faster the spring’s ratings will wear out.

An average cycle is 3-4 per day which is 1,100-1,500 cycles per year. The standard life of a garage door is around 10,000 cycles. This concludes that the lifetime of a torsion spring is around 5-9 years depending on how often you use your garage door.

It is not recommended to use springs rated fewer than 10,000 because they tend to get over stressed.

Questions to Ask

Are the springs new? Some garage door service companies reuse their springs. It is better to buy a new and never before used spring.

Are the springs powder coated? Powder coating will prevent the springs from rusting their whole life. It is a little bit more expensive but you will not have to worry about the springs rusting.

What if only one spring is broken? If there is only one torsion spring that is broken, a professional will recommend replacing both of them. The torsion springs have the same life cycle, so If one breaks the other one will be close behind. It is better to have them both replaced at the same time instead of having to call the technician a second time a month or so later.


A new torsion spring costs in a range from $100-$200 per spring. Sizing for new spring requires a full inspection and weighing of the door. The prices of installation can vary on the garage door service company. You should ask if the price of the spring includes installation.