2 Sep

Reasons to Replace an Old Garage Door

why you should replace your old garage door

The huge advantage of owning a home is you are paying money every month towards owning a home instead of renting and having your money goes nowhere. But a large disadvantage is when owning a home; you are responsible for all the damage and wear and tear.

If the walls need to be painted, or your refrigerator has to be fixed, you’re responsible for everything. Most people want to keep the processions they own in good condition since they spent their own money on them. This goes the same for a house. You want to keep your house up to date with its appearance and appliances so prevent future high cost repairs. The same goes for your garage. The most important part of a garage is the garage door. It is another entrance and exit for the house and most people use a garage to store their cars or other forms of storage. A garage door should be replaced every 15 to 20 years. Most of the warranties expire after three years.

Reasons to Replace

Require Less Maintenance

A garage door should have maintenance every so often to prevent dramatic damage from occurring in the future. The older the door gets, the more it should be maintained such as lubricating the springs and tracks as well as tightening the nuts and bolts. When a new garage door is purchased, this periodic maintenance will be reduced.

An older garage door that is not installed properly can create damage when there is bad weather. Heavy wind can make the door cave in and rain can get under the door and damage the property that is inside the garage.

Utility Bill Will Be Lower

If your garage door is older than 15 years, there is a high chance that there are much more advanced and cost effective doors now available, than 15 years ago. It could have been poorly installed also and cause air to get in and out which affects the utility bill. There are better state of the art garage doors that use less electricity and help with cooling or heating the room and room above it, if there is one.

Value to Home

Doing small things to your house might drastically raise the value and appearance. If you keep the lawn nice and the paint looking fresh, your house could easily improve on how it looks. The garage door is one of the biggest parts of the house when looking at it from the front. An old garage door and diminish the appearance of a house but can also enhance it, if it is upgraded to a better looking garage door.


There are special ways to lower your home owners insurance cost, and replacing a garage door is one of them. If you have an old wooden door and replace it with a state of the art door, you could drop your home owners insurance by 10%. This is because new garage doors can be more protective in severe weather cases. All you have to do is talk to your insurance provider and inform them when you do get a new garage door.