3 Sep

Repair or Replace?

should you repair or replace garage door parts

If you know very a very limited amount of the aspects of a garage and the ins and outs of a garage door, this will help you come to a better understanding. A garage door may look simple from the outside, it goes up, then goes down, but it is actually complicated. There are tracks, a spring, gasket strips, rollers, and more. When the time comes when parts of a garage door breaks, how do you know if you should replace the whole door or repair the damaged piece?

How to Decide

One small piece, like a screw, can stop your garage door from completely working. They have security sensors that stop the door from closing all the way if there is something wrong or in the way.


If you garage looks like it has been through two world wars, it might be time to purchase a new one. Cosmetics are a main reason to replace the garage door. There is only so much you can do with paint when it is rusty and old.

Physical damage is also a main reason to replace a garage door. If a natural destruction such as a tornado or hurricane happened near a garage door, chances are the door did not survive. Heavy winds, and hail can also damage a garage beyond repair.


If your door is in good condition, but just won’t close it could be an easy fix. Simple parts like rollers or a spring can be replaced without having to replace the whole garage door. If the owner frequently lubricates the garage door, there will be fewer instances for repairs.

If one panel is only damaged, the whole door does not need to be replaced. Individual panels can be changed out if they get damaged or rusty. If a door gets damaged, the area that is damaged should be inspected to see if it’s only on certain panels, if so, they can be easily replaced.

If the door feels heavy or makes loud noises when it moves, the solution lies in the tension springs. The spring can be tightened to bring it back to balance, or it can be replaced by a garage door technician.


Replacing or repairing a garage door is ultimately the decision of the owner. If you want a reason to get a new garage door, a faulty spring can be a good excuse. But if you don’t want to spend all that money yet, it can be repaired for a much lower cost.