17 Aug

Replacing a Worn Out Gasket Strip

how to replace a worn out gasket strip

All functions of a garage door are important; the springs, the tracks, the sensors, even the weather strip. The gasket strip runs along the bottom of the garage door and is used to keep out bugs, debris, and other outside objects from entering when the garage door is closed. A bottom gasket strip life span lasts about 8 years from daily use. After its life span is up it should be replaced because it will stop working properly. If it is not replaced it could bring dirt, rain water, insects and other small items into your garage. Here is how to replace your worn gasket strip with a new one.


First you should measure the length of your door and purchase a new gasket seal that is at least six extra inches from the original measurement. It is better to have extra than not enough.

Once you have purchased your gasket seal, you have to turn off the garage door. This can be done by turning off the circuit box or unplugging the garage door opener.

The handle that fastens the door opener has to be pulled down. It is red and usually hanging from the door. This will disengage the door and allow you to open and close the garage door without power.

The door has to be raised before the door starts to curve on the tracks. To make prevent the door from falling down you have to place vise grips on both sides of the tracks

There are slots along the bottom where the rubber gasket goes into. Those slots can be pried open with a screw driver. Once it is open, you can pull out the old gasket strip. You can cut the gasket with a knife to make it easier to slide out. Remove any dirt or debris that got trapped inside the tracks. Then coat the tracks with a silicone lubricant spray. A soap and water mix can also be used as an alternative.


The new gasket has to be folded in half. The gasket has rubber flanges; one of them has to be inserted on the tracks and the other parallel to the track. Next, the new gasket has to be inserted onto the bottom of the garage door. This will make it less difficult to put the new gasket into the track. The gasket should be held about a foot from the outside of the door and that’s when you give it a straight shot.

The seal should be pushed three inches from the end of the track and then folded back onto it. This will make it even with the side of the door.

After that is done, the gasket has to be trimmed three inches from the end where it is in the track. Then push the gasket back and align the sides with the door.


The vise grips that are attached to the door can be removed now allowing the door to lower the door to the floor. Turn the power back on and test the door opener. If everything checks out well with the gasket strip and it is secure when the door is closed, then you have finished the job.