23 Jul

Residential Garage Door Styles

Choosing a garage door for your home is a major decision, seeing as the make and model of the door you choose could change the entire look and feel of your residence. Not only will you be asked to choose the material of your new garage door, but you will also need to decide on the style. Below we have listed 6 of the most common garage door styles, so that you can compare, contrast, and easily choose which door is right for your home.

Raised Panel

Raised panel designs are available in both long and short panel options. The raised panels begin with a recessed age, but the interior surface of each of the panels is then brought slightly forward. This will add depth and texture to your classically designed garage door. If you are looking to install raised panels, you will want to look to either steel or fiberglass as far as materials go.

Recessed Panel

This panel, while shaped from steel, will provide the traditional and old-fashioned look of a wooden frame. Steel will be embossed with a natural wood grain finish in order to perfectly accent a classically styled home while offering the strength and reliability of a metal door. While steel is most typically used in this specific style of door, aluminum is also a good choice of material.

Flush Panel

Flush panels are extremely simple and elegant, and tend to work well with more modern homes. Flush panels provide clean, straight lines, and are best constructed of steel.

Carriage House Overlay

Carriage house overlay doors are carefully crafted, providing a traditional and elegant look to older homes. Carriage doors constructed of fiberglass provide flexibility, while carriage doors constructed of steel provide strength and durability. If you are looking for a truly classic look and feel, carriage house overlay doors can be made of rich, textural wood.

Carriage House Stamped Garage Doors

Carriage house stamped garage doors are shaped from steel, embossed with a classic wood grain finish that adds a rustic and timeless look and feel to any home. This variety of carriage door is always made of steel, adding a modern spin on an old favorite.

Accent Planks

Expect accent planks to be the focal point of any home they become a part of. This style door is comprised of multiple shades of woodtone, providing a look as versatile as it is beautiful. This door is simple and elegant, allowing it to blend in with contemporary homes as well as classically styled homes. This style door is most commonly made of steel.