5 Aug

Squeaky Garage Door

how to get rid of a squeeky garage door

Do you hear a loud screeching sound whenever you open or close the garage door? It might be a horrible sound where you have to cover your ears because it is like listening to nails on a chalkboard. If you want to fix it yourself to save money on a handyman there are several options to try. Some are easy fixers others require a little more in depth.

The Easy Ways

If you have a socket set or wrench around you can tighten the bolts and nuts of the door. Check around the door for nuts and bolts and tighten what feels loose. They might get loose after years of wear to the garage door and a good re-tighten will help get rid of the sound.

Do you have an older garage but are not ready to update it or replace it? Well you can maintenance it with lubricant instead of having to replace the whole garage door. GarageMD has many lubricating sprays to choose from. They are non-staining and non-toxic. You just spray it on the worn or rust looking parts and it will help extend your garage door life.

The More in Depth Ways

Replace Rollers

If lubricant and tightening the nuts and bolts has not worked and the door is still noisy, then it might be that the rollers need replacement. It the rollers are worn, whether they are metal or nylon, they will make noise when working. You can check to see if they need to be replaced by opening and closing the door while looking at the rollers. If it looks like they wobble when the door is moving, it is time to replace them.

Nylon rollers make less noise and require less lubricant. The track rollers that are mounted above the door should be replaced one at a time. The ones on the bottom should be done by a professional. There is much tension on the bottom ones, and if you haven’t replaced bottom rollers before, you could get seriously injured.

Replace Hinges

If the rollers do not wobble and do not need to be replaced, the hinges are the next option. If the hinges look like they have gray dust or metal filings around the pin then they are in need of replacement. Hinges get less worn than rollers, but they may be sloppy and causing the loud noises when opening and closing your garage door.

If you are not certain how to do the more in depth tasks for getting rid of the squeaky noise of your garage door opening and closing you can always call GarageMD to fix any of your garage door needs.