23 Oct

The 411 on Garage Flooring

garage flooring details

To improve the value of your home there are many different things you can do. Upgrading the flooring of your garage door is one option. You can do this if your garage floor needs to be replaced or just to make your garage look more aesthetically pleasing. You can even upgrade the floor to protect from harsh chemicals or wear and tear. There are many different types of floors available to fit any budget and preference.

Deciding What Type

When you are deciding on what garage flooring to choose, you have to decide the space you want your garage to be used for.

If you are using it as a living space, you may want to think of carpet or a comfortable floor. If you are using it as a workspace, you need a durable floor like concrete.

Ideally, you will want a floor that is easy to clean and durable depending on what type of space you want to create in your garage. Or a floor that compliments the space you have already created.


Floor mats are a good option is you do not want to go through all the work of replacing garage flooring. They can be sound absorbent and easy to install. They are good in workshop style garages. Rubber mats can be purchased and sized to fit the whole surface or only a certain section. There are colors and styles available to fit any decor.

Rubber floor mats can be connected with different shapes, the checkered effect is a popular one. They also prevent the floor from being cold if you step on it bare foot.

Epoxy floor is a strong and durable choice because it is water proof and resistant to stains. Epoxy is an acrylic-latex coating that is cured which provides the extra protection. It looks smooth and is a nice surface for homeowners that need sturdy garage flooring.

This can be used in residential or businesses so it is multi-functional. Different colors are also available.

Concrete Stains and sealant are ways to improve the durability and the appearance of concrete by getting rid of stains and preventing them from happening. Concrete can be painted to upgrade the appearance as well.