15 Sep

Tips for Garage Door Security

tips on garage door security

People have lots of valuable things in their garage from storage, tools, to cars, or even electronics. Opening the garage door is easy as pushing a button and the whole garage is exposed to the outside world. Even in safe neighborhoods something can go wrong. It is always good to be prepared for any type of situation to protect your family and valuables. Here are some tips on garage door security and the valuables inside safe.

Reliable Garage Door

Garage doors are getting built as more reliable and sturdy. The garage door is a huge entrance to the house and it should not be easily to break-in to. It should be a strong obstacle between the inside and outside of the house. If you are in the market for a new garage door, you should choose one that was built out of strong and high-quality materials. A steel door is a smart decision if you are keeping a lot of expensive tools inside.


If you have windows on your garage door you should have them covered with curtains or covers so no one can look inside and see what you have in your garage. There are sheets you available to buy that cover the windows that prevent from seeing through but can still let in sunlight.

Alarm System

An alarm system can be installed in your house and can also cover the garage. A house with a simple alarm system has a better chance of steering away robbers than no alarm system at all. There are options available for alarm systems for your garage door. There is a silent alarm that is with a remote door sensor. This sends a signal to the remote monitor when the door is opening. Another security feature for garage door security is a self-closing system that is built into the garage door remote. There are also apps on smart phones that can control the garage door and tell you when it is open or closed.

Remote Control

Thieves are known to steel garage door remotes from cars and then use them to break into houses when the house is empty. To help prevent this, you should not keep your garage door remote clipped to the visor of your car or in any visible location inside your car. If you do find out your garage door is missing then you should reprogram your garage door as soon as possible.