17 Jul

Ways to Utilize Your Garage – Garage Sale

how to set up a garage sale

A garage can be used for many different things. Some use it for storage; others use it as a second living room in their house. A great way to utilize the space is to have a garage sale. By having this you can…

  1. Make money for yourself
  2. Get rid of unwanted and unused objects
  3. Utilize your garage space

Here are some tips on having an effective garage sale.


Having a garage sale takes planning. One can’t just gather everything they want to sell in a day. You have to take your time and go around the house and chose the things you don’t use anymore and do not want. You have to accumulate a good amount of things that you want to sell. More people are likely to stop and look when driving by if you have more items to choose from instead of a small pile of items.


Ways to advertise

  • Putt up signs around the neighborhood and streets
  • Post to online websites like Facebook and Craigslist
  • Put an ad in the local newspaper
  • Flyers in community areas


You are the seller and the people coming to your garage sale are the consumers. You decide the prices and have the final say on a sale. Putting prices on most of the objects is recommended and easier so people aren’t coming up to you all the time asking prices.

When deciding prices it is best to go higher than what you intend to sell it for. Most of the people who go to garage sales know how to play the game and have practiced their bartering. It is good to be prepared for your consumers to offer a lower price, because most of the time they will. And if they don’t then you get more money on something than you intended to.

If you prepare properly, garage sales can be a fun way to make money and maybe get to know your neighbors better. Having fresh mowed grass will also help bring in the people, so they are not walking through tall grass in their Florida flip flops. It takes about 3-4 weeks to fully prepare for your successful garage sale. As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.