6 Aug

What Not To Do—Garage Door Repairs

tips of what you shouldnt do when you repair a garage door

If you are a Mr. /Ms. Fix it and would rather repair whatever needs fixing on your own, this can be advantageous or disadvantageous. There are some jobs that would end up saving you money, but other jobs you should definitely not do on your own if you do not have much experience with garage door repairs. Some, if you do not have the right tools and experience can be dangerous and make you pay even more than it would cost if you hired a technician.

Here are some things that you should hire a repairman for:

Electrical Work

Sometimes you need electrical work done on your garage door. An electrician is the best choice for electrical repairs. This may include replacing wires that connect along the wall or installing an electric garage door.

Spring Replacement

Maintaining a spring by lubricating it can be done one your own to help prolong the life, but when it is finally time for a replacement, if you have never replaced a spring before, hiring someone to do it is a wise decision. This is because special equipment is used to replace a spring and could be dangerous if you are not a professional.

Roller Replacement

Over time rollers get bent and broken from usage. If you hear a loud noise when you open and close the garage, it probably is because your garage door rollers need to be replaced. Replacing them requires heavy lifting because they keep the garage door in place and when they are removed, there is nothing else to hold them up except for a person that is doing the repairs.

Panel Installation

There is a lot of work going into installing new panels in a garage door. You have to disconnect the door opener, remove all the springs and then disconnect the hinges from the track. Installing panels by yourself will bring up different kinds of safety hazards if you are not familiar with installing panels for your garage door.

Even if you have done many different repairs yourself, sometimes it is better to call a professional to save you from any danger that may arise. These five different problems for garage doors are for technicians or someone with experience and equipment already available. You can always call GarageMD for any of your garage door repairs. (561) FIX-DOOR