15 Sep

Xfinity Teams with Chamberlain – Garage Door Opener App

garage door opener app

Technology is rapidly advancing and along with it, so is the garage door opener. Chamberlain is a large and popular garage door company that makes half of the garage doors in America. They have teamed up with Xfinity to create a garage door opener app that works with your garage door and Wi-Fi. Chamberlain has made MyQ Garage, the app and Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener. This app will work with customers that have Xfinity home service and a Chamberlain garage door.

How is Works

The way MyQ works is it allows the user to control and know the status of the garage door. Whether it is open or closed, it can be controlled from the phone. This also works as a home security feature. Home owners will never have to worry if they forgot to close the garage door when they left because they can check on their phone. MyQ is now available for both Android devices and iOS.

MyQ will give notifications every time the garage door opens or closes. This will make users feel safe about their home when they are not home. It is like an alarm system in its own way. Xfinity Home app does not have push notifications as of yet, but they are planning to include it in the app in the near future. But MyQ has this skill in its tool belt.

Garage Door Apps

This is not first discovery for garage door apps. Google owns one that is similar called Nest Learning Thermostat and they partnered with ADT to create it. Ten years ago, who would have guessed we could have been able to open our garage door with our phones? Technology continues to due amazing things to make our life more simple and easy to live in. Companies are teaming up to combine their services into revolutionary projects. This is only the beginning for these new types of gadgets.